Robert Plant: from the Blues and Led Zeppelin to the Mali Desert

Posted: November 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

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We have been examining how rock music found its origins in blues and R&B played by African-Americans in the Deep South, and how some pop stars have returned to those African origins for inspiration — among them Robert Plant, Paul Simon, Peter Gabriel. Plant was the singer for the British super group Led Zeppelin whose early albums were inspired largely by American blues artists such as Willie Dixon and Muddy Waters. Many years after his Led Zeppelin super stardom, Plant went to Mali to connect with the music in a country that today is in the news due to Islamic terrorism. There he played with legendary African musicans such as Ali Farka Touré and others.

Plant recently released a documentary about his trip to Mali in 2003. See this New York Times article: “Robert Plant Produces a Documentary Series about Malian Music“. Here you can watch the documentary on Robert Plant’s YouTube channel. More information about Robert Plant can be found on his website.

Part 1 of the documentary is below:

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