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Hybrid Genres: Westworld

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The 1970s movie, Westworld, was unique because it combined two genres that seemed impossible to merge: sci fi and western. HBO has just made a series based on Westworld. See this article, “What we can learn from the previous Westworlds” and “A Brief Guide to HBO’s Westworld“.



Beauty ideals are determined by many factors — cultural constructions, historical experience, influence of media. In some African tribes, for example, women stretch their bottom lips using a clay plate (see photo above)  in order to define their beauty — the larger the lip plate, the more beautiful a woman is considered to be. See the infographic below for other examples of culturally constructed beauty types in different non-Western societies. Can we say that the global influence of Western media is “globalizing” beauty types based on Western ideals?



Social Media and Body Image

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If body image is distorted by media, many blame social media for these distortions.

On the influence of social media on body image, see “Does social media impact body image?” and “New study shows impact of social media on beauty standards“. Also, see this article in the New York Times, “How Real Are You On Social Media?” 

On the role of Instagram, see “Instagram has become a body image battleground” and Student’s photo campaign hits back at body image pressures from social media”

On the Instagram star Essenna O’Neill see, “Essenna O’Neill Recaptions Her Life” and “Essenna O’Neill quits Instagram claiming social media is not real life”.  O’Neill was later accused of using her Instagram defection as a hoax to attract more publicity. Watch an ABC News report on her below.

Netflix and Genres

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See this article on how Netflix uses sophisticated data to discover what genres its viewers like to watch: “How Netflix reverse engineered Hollywood“.

Fashion and Fantasy Beauty

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Many blame the fashion industry for representing the “cult of the skinny” in female body image. Most fashion models, it is claimed, are skinny white teenagers. Or as an article in the New York Times (linked below) noted: “this idealized, aspirational woman will usually look one way — patrician features, tall, typically white and thin.”

See this article in the New York Times, “Why Does the Beauty Industry Ignore Curvy Models?” See also “Is fantasy beauty failing young women?”

Media Representation: Girl’s Life

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See this article about gender stereotypes on the cover of the magazine Girl’s Life — and how a graphic artist remade the cover. See also “Girl’s Life magazine, we need to do better“. Also see “The Difference Between Girl’s Life and Boy’s Life Magazines Is Infuriating“.