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The French thinker Roland Barthes published a famous essay, The World of Wrestling, in which he culturally decoded wrestling spectacles as a narrative opposing of Good and Evil. In the past few years, many observers have noted that Donald Trump, before he went into politics, became famous not only on reality TV but also through “Wrestlemania” spectacles. Can Barthes’ analysis help us understand Trump’s presidency? See this article in the New York Times: “Is Everything Wrestling?” Also see “Donald Trump and the WWE” and “That Time Donald Trump Took a Stone Cold Stunner“.




Beyoncé has become famous for using religious symbolism and iconography and references to paintings in her photo images, videos and performances. See this article, “Beyoncé, the Virgin Mary and the Power of Imagery“. Also see, “Beyoncé’s high art pregnancy photo” and “Black Madonna: Beyoncé projects positive image of good motherhood”.

Digital Dysmorphia

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See this article on “Snapchat dysmorphia”, when when people get surgery to resemble their filtered selfies in an obsessive pursuit of a flawless look: “Faking it: how selfie dysmorphia is driving people to seek surgery”. See also “Facetune is conquering Instagram”.

Semiotics for Beginners

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See this link for Daniel Chandler’s Semiotics for Beginners”.