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Our obsession with taking selfies is often blamed for what is described as a culture of narcissism. On selfie culture, see “Smug shots and selfless: the rise of Internet self-obsession“. Also see this article in the New York Times, “What Selfie Sticks Really Tell Us About Ourselves“.

Digital social class cultures, such as the “Rich Kids of Instagram“, have emerged online. See “Why the Internet hates the Rich Kids of Instagram”.  See also “Meet the Prom Queen of Instagram”.  Also see this article on the “Cheerlebrities of Instagram“.

Also, a new hashtag is #aftersex — selfies taken right after sex. On that trend see this article in the Guardian, The #aftersex selfie is a betrayal of intimacy and in the Telegraph, “After sex selfies? Showing off just got a whole lot dirtier.” People area also taking selfies at funerals. There is a Tumblr called Selfies at Funerals. On that subject, see “A third of mourners admit to taking selfies at funerals“. People are getting killed taking selfies in dangerous situations. See this article in Mashable, “More People Die Taking Selfies Than From Shark Attacks“.

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Artist Amalia Ulman (photo above) has transformed her photo spoofs of selfie culture into art — and her work had a show at the Tate Modern in London. See, “Tate Modern Taps Amalia Ulman for New Show.” Finally, see this essay, “Instafame: Luxury Selfies in the Attention Economy”. 


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The hit television series “Homeland” has been accused of Islamophobia since its first season on American television.

There are views on both sides. See for example, “Homeland is the most bigoted show on television“. Also see also “Homeland is not Islamophobic despite what some critics claim“.

The series made news while shooting season 5 in Berlin. Local Arabs, asked by the show’s producers to paint background graffita on a wall in Arabic, scribbled “Homeland is racist”. For more on that, see this story in the Guardian: “Homeland is racist: artists sneak subversive graffiti on to TV show“.

Hollywood: American Propaganda?

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Critics claim that many Hollywood films are American propaganda that “frame” other cultures in a negative manner. One recent film that is often criticized is American Sniper. See these two articles: “American Sniper decried as propaganda” and “American Sniper, propaganda movie or a tale the nation needed to hear?


Movies: Hollywood Imperialism

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See this article in the New York Times: “Hollywood Works to Maintain its World Dominance“.

On the trend towards blockbuster comic book and action films, see “Why Hollywood is caught in the blockbuster trap” and “The Rise and Fall of the Comic Book Movie“. The summer movie season in 2016 was not a good one for Hollywood. See “The 2016 summer movie season was a bust“.

Much has been written about the Bollywood movie industry in India. See this article for a quick timeline on the history of Bollywood movies. On the global commercialization of Bollywood movies, see this article Is Bollywood Coming to Hollywood. For a critique of Bollywood films, see this article: “The Bollywood Conundrum.

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