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Our obsession with taking selfies is often blamed for what is described as a culture of narcissism. See this overview of the issue of social media narcissism: “How self love got out of control”.  Also see, “Smug shots and selfless: the rise of Internet self-obsession“.

A story in Cosmopolitan about a Rich Kid of Instagram in London, Julia Stakhiva, who doesn’t care if people hate her: “I love all my haters. I would rather die than have people not talk about me.” Also see also “Meet the Prom Queen of Instagram”.  

Also, see this academic essay, “Instafame: Luxury Selfies in the Attention Economy”. 

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Artist Amalia Ulman (photo above) has transformed her photo spoofs of selfie culture into art — and her work had a show at the Tate Modern in London. See, “Tate Modern Taps Amalia Ulman for New Show.” 


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The hit television series “Homeland” has been accused of racism and islamophobia since its first season on American television. Some argue however that Homeland is more complex than critics claim. See this article,Is Homeland having a crisis of conscience?”

The series made news while shooting season 5 in Berlin. Local Arabs, asked by the show’s producers to paint background graffiti on a wall in Arabic, scribbled “Homeland is racist”. For more on that, see this story: “Artists hide subversive graffiti in hit TV show”.

Hollywood: American Propaganda?

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Critics claim that many Hollywood films are American propaganda that “frame” other cultures in a negative manner. One recent film that is often criticized is American Sniper. See these two articles: “American Sniper decried as propaganda” and “American Sniper, propaganda movie or a tale the nation needed to hear?


Hollywood: Blockbuster Trap?

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On the trend towards blockbuster comic book and action films, see “Why Hollywood is caught in the blockbuster trap“. Some observers note that Hollywood’s blockbuster addiction is fuelled by a desire to please the Chinese market. See this article, “Hollywood blockbusters drive Chinese box office.”