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History of Beauty Images

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Instafame and Selfie Culture

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Digital social class cultures, such as the “Rich Kids of Instagram“, have emerged online. Here is a selection of “Rich Kids” from various countries.  

A story in Cosmopolitan about a Rich Kid of Instagram in London, Julia Stakhiva, who doesn’t care if people hate her: “I love all my haters. I would rather die than have people not talk about me.” Also see also “Meet the Prom Queen of Instagram”.  

Also, see this academic essay, “Instafame: Luxury Selfies in the Attention Economy”. 

Capture d’écran 2016-01-30 à 15.05.29

Artist Amalia Ulman (photo above) has transformed her photo spoofs of selfie culture into art — and her work had a show at the Tate Modern in London. See, “Tate Modern Taps Amalia Ulman for New Show.” 

Brand Semiology: Christian Dior

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On the semiology of brands, see this article on the positioning of the Dior brand: “Representations of women and brand positioning at Christian Dior“. For the author referenced in the article, see Laura Oswald’s article, “Signs, strategies and brand value”. For Oswald’s book, see “Marketing Semiotics: Signs, Strategies and Brand Value”.